Including Guests in Your Destination Elopement

February 2, 2024

When it comes to destination elopements you may feel stressed to find special ways for your guests and family to be include. The purpose of this guide is to give ideas and suggestions on including guests in your destination elopement.

In addition to including guests that are attending, I have listed ideas on how to include guests who are not attending.

Including Guests in Your Destination Elopement Who Are Attending:

Perhaps you have a small guest count and want to think of additional ways for everyone to feel included during the day? Here is a list of possible ways to include friends and family who are attending:

  • Have a family member or friend officiate the elopement
  • Have a wedding party (even if they don’t stand up with you)
  • Have a something blue crew (your best pals wear blue)
  • Get ready with family/guests
  • Plan group activities for guests to join in
  • Plan speeches/toasts
  • Have dances
  • Bring a fun guest book (polaroids, things to sign, etc)
  • Thank you favors
  • Have your videographer (if you have one) record messages from guests
  • Audio guest book
  • Include them in a unity ritual
  • Have family or friends help cook/provide food

Including Guests Who Are NOT Attending:

On the other hand, having a private elopement just the two of you? It’s common to still want friends and family to feel included in the celebration, here is a list of ways to include friends and family who are not attending:

  • Plan a reception back home with friends and family
  • Host a going away (to get married!) brunch before the elopement
  • Get ready with friends and family before going off to elope
  • Video chat with loved ones
  • Have family and friends record videos before the day to watch the day of
  • Have your flowers designed by a friend or family
  • Plan an activity before or after the elopement (good for multiple day events)
  • Have your cake/dessert baked by a loved one
  • If you have a videographer, send your wedding video to guests
  • Personalized thank you cards
  • Gift family members wedding albums
  • Pick out mementos from your destination to send home

Videographer Recommendations:

In addition, I mentioned a few key ways to include guests that require the use of a videographer.

Without a doubt, here are my personal favorite videographer recommendations:

Including Guests in Your Destination Elopement: Summary

When it comes to your destination elopement the key thing to remember is that it’s about YOU.

Above all, never feel bad for choosing to not have guests or feeling pressure to make sure everyone feels included.

Last but not least, it’s easy to get caught up in the “hostess with the mostest” mindset so this is your sign to sit back and remember that the day is about what you want and the vision for your celebration!

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