i'm so glad you're here.

Hey adventuring friend - I'm Danielle!

Photography has always been such a huge part of my life, growing up I would travel around to new places and capture any and everything I saw, to this day I still do that but now with so much more intention and appreciation for the beautiful places I get to experience.

After I got married in 2020 I knew that I needed to combine my love for photography, traveling, and weddings into one and begin this journey with outdoorsy and adventure seeking souls such as yourself, creating unforgettable memories that last you a lifetime.

welcome for your shoot!

I strive to not only capture the breathtaking beauty that is your adventure, but also use my passion for travel planning and wedding experience to help ensure that your day is everything you want and more. I always joke that when a friend mentions wanting to travel, I already have 5 tabs open on places to see and where to eat. I just love it so much!

I truly believe that this world offers the most spectacular setting for your big day. Whether that’s backpacking through the mountains or celebrating amongst family in a tropical paradise, there is so much power in allowing the natural beauty of this world to play a role in your day.

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